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Load and unload of sleeper

Thanks to the use of the most advanced machinery on the market, we can perform the works of unloading and installing of sleepers in the shortest possible time. Our machinery ensures that the materials remain in the ideal position for subsequent placement, optimizing time and resources.

Change of sleepers

Either to combat the wear and tear produced by the passage of time, to improve the stability of the installation or to adapt a track to new needs, changing sleepers is a maintenance task essential to ensure rail safety.

Change of rails

As in the case of sleepers, the renovation of the rails is part of the improvement tasks of the railway. Regardless of whether it is a partial or complete change and the working time that we have per day, in Maquisaba we can take care of renewing the infrastructure and deliver the track for the normal circulation of passenger trains.

Weldings and Destressing

Welding work must be able to adapt to the most innovative techniques and technologies in order to guarantee safety and optimize resources. The welds and destressing are very important works in the railway, that is why maquisaba has a great control of the quality using the rectirail and ultrasonic test.

Ballast track

It is the most used system since the beginning, that is why we are present in most of the assemblies of this type of track since 1998 as well as in the renovations that are carried out. This system was also used in the high speed railway from madinah to makkah where we made more than 430 km of ballast track.

Concrete track

Epecialized in the assembly of concrete in different types, as it can be rheda sleepers / plates or embedded track. With this system, maintenance costs are reduced by a high percentage.

Turnouts assembly

Maquisaba has many years of experience in assembly of any type of turnouts, in ballast and in concrete track. The correct assembly will depend on the realization of a good welding.

Pile driving rails of different typologies

Making a land suitable and safe for the circulation of a train requires a previous study. If it is determined that this can be improved in some way the pile diving rails are an excellent solution. Thanks to this procedure you can level the ground and avoid landslides. Also, it is very useful for collecting the ballast in one location.